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never seen a protest like this. the news is next. the city just lost a tremendous firefighter >> family friends and co-workers of a fallen chicago firefighter shared memories today of a man known for his kindness and sense of humor >> joins us with tonight's top story >> we have been speaking to some of his friends today and he had many of them. they describe him as a popular firefighter who loved his job and made everyone laugh. as family made a request on his behalf >> "herbie never wanted glory or ... so please check your smoke detector and give your
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kids a hug" tears and hugs outside the cook county medical examiners office as friends and family members of herbie johnson did their best to comfort each other. the 54 year old firefighter died from injuries he suffered while battling a blaze last night on the southwest side. this afternoon his body was escorted away by about a dozen emergency vehicles to a funeral home in the south suburbs. a 32-year veteran of the chicago fire department, he had just recently been promoted to captain. here he is speaking to reporters after a fire back in 2006. we got in and started the search >>the medical examiner determined he died from inhalation injuries.
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investigators are now looking into what caused the fire. friends describe herbie johnson as 'larger than life' and say he would walk into a room and have everyone laughing immediately. "herbie will always be remember as a loving father... or a cause in need of help" alderman matt o'shea of the 19th ward lives down the street from johnson's family - he says the entire neighborhood is hurting. to try and grasp that he could be taken from us.. we thought he was invincible.. just can't believe that herbie's gone" "herbie wouldn't do anything or put his guys in harms way if he wasn't doing it himself" his closest friends say the city won't be the same without him. "i can't tell everyone, herbie didn't need a last name the whole neighborhood, the whole
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city.. miss herbie very much" he is survived by his wife and three adult children. as the cause of the fire investigators say it may have started because the day faulty water heater in the attic. the funeral will be on thursday >> today was the last date for early voting in chicago. it was also the last day you could register to vote ancaster ballot early >> inside chicagos election
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headquarters downtown... please have your id out.. you must have two pieces of identification... the lines for last minute registration and final day of early voting surprised patrick keating patrick keating/first-time voter what did you see when you got off the elevator.. lines and lines and lines it never ended. is it worth it? yeah.. why? first time voting. chicagos board of elections shortened this years early voting period.. but across the city, and in the outlying counties... the pace of early voting was actually higher. i mean, this is for early... tuesdays going to be crazy.. people wait until the last minute. i mean, this is last minute but theyre last minute too. the wait, even longer at 79th and king drive.... two and a half hours for some... who thought they were making the right move coming today instead of tuesday. i just thought, its a saturday, ill just go ahead and get it over with but i had no idea it was going to be like this.. this is my first time early voting and this is crazy.
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alicia gee brought her little boy to see what voting is all about. i think its important for him to know that he is going to grow up to be a productive citizen and this is a very important part of being a productive citizen. the last day, its a tremendous amount of voter participation. chicagos board of election chairman says the lines are indicative of another close election, but didnt like to see the long wait some went through saturday. so were going to take a look at this. i think what our voters are telling us is that they like early voting. its a method of choice now theyre used to it and so were going to have to adjust and find larger sites and maybe have one super site, as it seems voters like early voting. but now that its over, tuesday... election day... will be the final say anyone will have at the polls. it is really close i think its really important to get out and vote. and every vote counts. in chicago, sean lewis wgn
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news. >> republican candidates met ryan and paul ryan are blitzing the battleground states on this final weekend before election day. romney was an iowa for an early-morning rally today. moving on to new hampshire he reminded supporters of what he has called obama is broken promises to the american people >> he was going to get unemployment down to 5.2 percent right now. we just learned it is up to 7.9% >> he then moved on to colorado. his running mate paul ryan wasn't pennsylvania introducing his family to supporters. then he was off to virginia >> meanwhile president obama is pushing his campaign through the midwest with stops in milwaukee
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in ohio. the president disputed romney's charges of partisanship and divisiveness >> when we cut taxes for middle- class families, that was bipartisan. there are some republicans in the senate who voted with us >> moving on to mentor, ohio -- mr. obama touted his administration's bailout of the auto industry. ohio relies heavily on the auto industry -- and republican romney has criticized the government-orchestrated rescue as ultimately destructive.
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>> the mayor led a last-minute rally for his former boss today visiting president obama as re- election headquarters. the major thing to the obama volunteers and reminded them there is still time to keep making phone calls sending emails and getting support. the mayor to send this election is critical for the nation and that president obama needs a second term plan to continue restoring economic security to the middle class >> we have 96 hours a. let's go get those votes >> the mayor urged campaign workers to continue rallying voters support from now until election day >> it was not just presidential politics in the chicago area today. next a pair of congressional races took center stage >> a march inspired by a comment
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from mitt romney >> and later an ugly crash in utah that somehow had a happy ending >> another day of temperatures below normal. it looks like that will continue at least through midweek... the forecast still ahead break
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it's all coming down to the wire now for the candidates hoping to win on tuesday... and just hours left to pursuade voters to their side... like in the 11th-congressional district race between incumbent republican candidate judy biggert and democratic challenger bill foster. biggert is in the "fight of her political life" to remain in congress... as new political boundaries put her into a mostly new area of voters. she brought along republican congressman peter roskam to help her cause... as he doesn't face as serious a threat as biggert to get re-elected.
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today we see the ground game... you can sense the momentum >> everybody is out walking today >> about 48% of her former congressional district is now in the district she is campaigning and. she says she has done her best to get new voters to learn about her while not taking for granted those of boaters from her old district >> biggert's democratic challenger was also with volunteers today... as it's all about "getting out the vote" come tuesday. foster used to be a congressman in the 14th-congressional district... but lost his re- election bid two years ago to a republican challenger. he had fellow democrat... congressman mike quigley... helping him today to encourage voters to vote on this the last day of early voting... or cast their ballots come tuesday.
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the lines are out the door and around the corner... i am feeling really good >> this is one of the most expensive congressional races in the state. >> the candidates in the hotly contested eighth congressional district chose decidedly different ways to spend their day. democrat tammy duckworth, who is challenging freshman republican joe walsh, visited with a group of residents in streamwood. duckworth enjoyed a dance performance by a group of children wearing traditional colombian dress, and took a low key approach ... mingling with the crowd of about 150 people... >> her opponent was out with volunteers and supporters at his
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campaign headquarters. >> this is going to be a close race because we have such a eight strong energetic campaigstrong energetic campaign... she does not >> he is confident voters will re-elect him >> they call it the million muppet march -- and it happened in the nation's capital today. some 18-hundred public television supporters rallied on the capitol mall -- in support of funding for public broadcasting. it was a response to mitt romney's proposal to reduce funding for p-b-s -- and programs like *sesame street.* the corporation for public broadcasting's budget for this year is some 445-million dollars.
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the participants r-s-v-p'd on facebook -- and brought their own muppets to the march seseme street celebrates its 43rd birthday on november 10th >> protesters are upset about possible school closings are willing to spend some time behind bars for their cause. next what they told us after they were released >> some good news for new york and new jersey residents in desperate need of gasoline to keep generators and cars running... break
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the dekalb county coronor is looking into whether alcohol played a role in the death of a northern illinois student. the victim was 19-year old david bogenberger -- who was found in bed and unresponsive. it happened at the pi kappa alpha fraternity house in dekalb -- where bogenberger was a pledge. tonight, the coronors office says a toxicology report is pending. bogenberger graduated this year from palatine high school with his triplet brother and sister.
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chicago police arrested several people late last night outside the mayor's office at city hall when they refused to hold their protest of suggested public school closings. police say 10 people were arrested. they were later released. the demonstrators opposed any chicago public schools closings. as well as at the mayor's plan to also merge some schools. they say the only plan that is acceptable to them is in no school closings at allno school closings at all >> we cannot have children traveling the neighborhoods while the schools are empty >> new chicago public schools and chief says she plans to ask the state legislature for more time before submitting a
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required list of school closings >> family members and friends of a missing 12-year old girl from the south side were on the streets today... in their attempt to locate the girl who's been missing since mid- summer. they're looking for taylor lockhart who was last seen on july-31st. the sixth grader has not been in school... and reportedly hasn't had contact with anyone since her disappearance. today... fliers were passed out asking the public for help. volunteers also searched abandoned buildings in the west englewood neighborhood... looking for any signs of the girl. come home! mommy loves you! come home! >> anyone with information is asked to call police >> still to come... a train traveling full speed in utah has a violent encounter with a large
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truck >> still so much work to do to recover from hurricane sandy >> our restaurant critic says it chicagos the newest state house has some standout side dishes ... illinois lottery drawing... pick 3... 7 5 9
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pick 4... 2 2 4 9 lucky day lotto... 34 35 37 5 19
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lotto... 11 45 44 40 25 31 extra shot number for lotto...
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22 (train horn) >> a man that was a recording a passing train on his iphone to show his son who loves trains when the train slammed into a utility truck that was. in its was he ran to the top folia expecting to find the driver deadruck expecting the driver dead >> he got out and was fine
9:26 pm
>> this is all that remains of the semi truck that used to be a water treatment plant. the video shows a crossing lights were flashing in the train was blowing its horn. the driver of the truck told police he did not see the train >> a truck struck and killed a man who was walking on the street last night. police did the truck was heading southbound when the man was hit he. it is identified as a 52 year-old. the victim lived less than 2 mi. from where he was killed. no citations have been issued to the 54 year-old truck driver but the investigation is ongoing >> in naperville -- a remembrance service is scheduled for seven-year-old justin plackowski his family posted an invitation to the public to attend the wake monday from three to eight p-m. funeral services are scheduled for tuesday at ten a-m
9:27 pm
both events will be at saint elizabeth seton church in naperville. justin was stabbed to death last tuesday along with five year old olivia dworakowski. justin's mother -- elzbieta plackowska-- is being held on two counts of first degree murder. new jersey governor announced today that voters who cannot make it to their voting precincts because of the damage caused by hurricane it can vote electronically. she said voters could submit a million ballot application. once approved the voter will be sending electronic ballot that can be emailed or faxed back to a county clerk. they also said if a precinct is without power they will send a truck with the national guardsmen so people can vote with an old-fashioned paper ballot. in new york and the mayor comecommented today about why
9:28 pm
he cancelled tomorrow's annual marathon. his decision at first to allow the marathon to continue drew sharp criticism as storm victims suffered >> the spirit of the race will bring people together >> more new yorkers got power restored today but frustrations continue to mount over gasoline shortages. they have a limit of 10 gal. per person with emergency vehicles getting priority over the public. in new jersey police began enforcing rules to allow only motorist with odd numbered license plates to refuel >>
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aid to the cold november daya typical november day >> the cold air will be hanging around for the next four days ... time lapse picture... cloud
9:32 pm
cover with an occasional sprinkle. that will continue to be a possibility during the overnight hours. high temperatures in the 40's... current temperature 41 degrees. most areas will stay in the upper 30's this evening.
9:33 pm
visibility not an issue. dew point temps... humidity 70%. mostly cloudy conditions for us. rain for the area tomorrow... temps in the mid
9:34 pm
40s. tuesday a system will bring some rain to the area and change over to snwo on parts of wisconsin and minnesota. tonight... cloudy... temps in 30s. sunday... partly cloudy skies... temps in the 40s. sunday night.. clear skies... temps in the 30s. monday...
9:35 pm
morningafternoon clouds. rain system tuesday. 7 da >> the good news.. you will sleep an extra hour tonight. the bad news.. daylight savings ends. turn your clocks back one hour before going to bed tonight. it won't start up again until the spring: march 10th to be exact. most of indiana is in the eastern time zone... but *not* the northwest corner of the state. so... if you live in lake, porter, laporte, newton, jasper or starke counties... you too turn your clocks back... but you stay on what many call "chicago time."
9:36 pm
>> also check your smoke detectors >> it's a new chicago steak- house where the big cuts of meat are taking a back seat to some other menu items. next, our critic samples it all at bavette's bar and boeuf. also, just a few days past halloween and the staff at the state street macy's already has chirstmas on their minds. and 48 minutes wasn't enough for the fighting irish, who tried to stay unbeaten. the triple overtime highlights from south bend, later in sports. break
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chicagos newest steakhouse is drawing its inspiration from europe. its called bavettes bar and boeuf, and chicago tribune restaurant critic phil vettel says the real stars of the menu arent the steaks. >> french for beef... started as a euro style teakh
9:40 pm
steakhouse... large appetizers... larger paltes... beef tongue... best pot roast... short ribs... several steaks... ribe eye... sides... loaded
9:41 pm
baked potato... desserts... lemon rcheesecake... perfect. . i give it 2 stars... >> for more on this week's restaurant... text phil 97999
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>> it is not your average weekend race... >> and getting into a different kind of holiday spirit at the state street macy's... break
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it was a lively morning in the pilsen neighborhood... as hundreds of people showed up for the "day of the dead" five- k race. it's become an annual tradition, going on its sixth year now. many of the runners, and
9:46 pm
walkers, wear colorful costumes.. celebrating the mexican tradition of day of the dead. the event also raises money for after-school programs. followig the morning run the celebration continued with a festival at the "casas" school parking lot on west 16th street. >> several days where we will be hitting 50 degrees...? >> this time next week before we see warmer temperatures... currently 41 degrees. still cloudy with a passing sprinkle. there maybe a little rain be a little
9:47 pm
rain in some areas. more rain tuesday. 7 day forecast... wednesday reach the 50s. next weekend... 60s! but cloudy with rain showers. >> light showers election day
9:48 pm
>> this may come as a shocker -- but there are only 51 shopping days before christmas. and macy's made the christmas shopping season official today -- with its annual great tree lighting. the shop windows tell the tale -- with storybook depictions of the season. but inside macy's today -- there was no doubt that the holiday shopping season is underway with the tree lighting ceremony. the theme of this year's tree is *you're a star* -- and there are huge star ornaments on hanging from the branches. macy's magic of christmas through january 13th. >> the bulls are back at home to take on the hornets >> and a birthday to remember for one jockey...
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tom thibideau would like the bulls to play every night like they did last night in cleveland... terrific defense, 64 percent shooting from the floor and a 30-point victory... tonight, back home against the hornets, they shot about 6- point-4 percent for the first few minutes... yet got back in the game with their defense kirk hinrich stole it and then to marco bellinelli... bulls went from ten down to seven ahead-- also got some good work in the first half from luol deng, got the rebound, put it on the floor, three-point play... but they were down by a bucket at halftime and never could really catch up-- ryan anderson missed the shot here jason smith in there with four bulls and still got the stick-back... bulls were on the threshold of getting control but just couldn't do it-- extending their defense but forgetting about robin lopez... and for the first time in three games, the
9:53 pm
bulls are losers, 89-82.... at the start... the ball was up on the board.. that's how you win in this league... we are capable of doing better than we did tonight. >> i thought as a team we were out of sync. we were trying to get something going and i think sometimes that's when you ahve to stay connected as a team when things aren't going your way.
9:54 pm
the intentions were good by everybnody but you cannot do it individually >> college football, could be a day for re-shuffling in the b- c-s... and the undefeated irish were trying not to get lost in that shuffle-- coming off the oklahoma win, notre dame was not sharp against pittsburgh and very nearly paid a huge price.... you know brian kelly battled against a letdown all week long in practice... but pitt took it to the irish, had a 20-6 lead in the fourth quarter-- now 20- 12 everett golson rolling right, he's got theo riddick, it's 20 to 18... 2:11 to go, had to try for two and the tie and golson on the keeper, got it, tie game... but siere woods fumbled in the second ot, pitt had a makeable field goal
9:55 pm
to win the game and it's wide right off a high snap, the irish not dead yet... they held pitt to a field goal in the third ot, and then it's golson from less than a yard out to win the game-- and there it is... every home game has been a heart attack, but the irish have won 'em all, now 9-0 with b-c, wake forest and southern cal still to play. the illibuck trophy up for grabs in columbus, the unbeaten buckeyes against illinois, winless in the big ten coming in and winless going out... the illini down only 7-6 after the first quarter but it got ugly fast, braxton miller to rod smith, 51 yard touchdown, 24 to 6 there... and a few minutes later, it was 31 to 6... carlos hyde ran it over for his third touchdown of the first half... illinois had a terrible time trying to score in the first half, nathan scheelhouse seems to be going backwards in his development at quarterback but illinois can't compete in this arena under any circumstances ohio state beat 'em, 52 to 22....
9:56 pm
northern illinois against winless u-mass, huskies win again, 63-0... jordan lynch played one half and one series, had 348 yards of total offense northern goes to 9-1 for the season, 6-0 in the mac... next up, a monster game wednesday november 14th against toledo... a guaranteed isu victory in terre haute... brock spack and illinois state against indiana state, winner likely to get an fbs playoff invite, and the redbirds get it done, matt brown to tyrone walker for a 10-0 third quarter lead... illinois state defense was solid again, fourth quarter, the pass picked off by ben erickson, his seventh interception of the year-- the birds built a 17-0 lead and held on, 17-10, now 8-2 for the season... >> it's in! with the heart of a
9:57 pm
champion... >> fort larned wins a two-horse battle to take the breeders cup classic at santa anita... heavily favored game on dude, the bob baffert entry, finished seventh, never a factor... fort larned was 9 to 1 paid twenty dollars and 80 cents on a two-dollar bet... the long green line wins again-- york high school and legendary coach joe newton won their 28th state cross-country championship... and of course, it's the bears and the tennessee titans tomorrow at noon-- complete coverage tomorrow night on instant replay... finally, high school football in texas last night-- rattlers stadium sharyland texas edinburg north cougars @ sharyland rattlers edinburg north's 44 yard field goal attempt fell short, falling into the awaiting hands of sean landez, who caught the ball at the edge of the end line 9.9 yards in to the end zone. after maintaining his balance he turned back for the return, racing down the sideline behind his blockers all the way in for
9:58 pm
a 109.9 yard touchdown return! ♪ ♪ ♪ pop goes the world ♪ ♪ it goes something like this ♪ [ female announcer ] pop in a whole new kind of clean with new tide pods... just one removes more stains than the 6 next leading pacs combined. pop in. stand out.
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